Roy Hancliff is a world renowned inflight Bird Photographer his work has been featured in many global publications and his Fine Art Sublimation prints hang in collectors homes around the world. Below is a little about him in his own words.

The man behind the camera.

The man behind the camera.

I was born in Oxford, England and lived with my wife Sharon in Spain for eighteen years. It was not until I came to Canada in 2003 that I had the time to dedicate to my lifelong passion of Photography. I am a self taught photographer and have always thrived on the challenge of difficulty. When we first settled in Salmon Arm BC I chose to specialise in birds in flight. I was on a mission to try and convey the sheer beauty of BC Birds normally considered ordinary and generally overlooked.

By studying their flight patterns, feeding habits and behaviour I was able to conjure in my mind an artistic image that I wanted to capture. Striving for the perfection that I do it can take weeks and months to finally achieve it but when I do it is so very worth it.

I have had the privilege to work very closely with Canadian Wildlife Federation who have been avid supporters of my work. Donated images to the American Institute of Architects and construction Canada to help illustrate the implementation of the 2 x 4 rule into building practices here in North America to help eliminate the enormous death toll of Bird by high-rise buildings. Also the University of Indiana for the Junco project, a team of dedicated scientists are showing how the Junco had adapted to the changing environments and climate.

There is more to Roy Hancliff Photography than me the man behind the camera, we work as a team. My wife Sharon is my most staunchest supporter, harshest critic, trusty assistant when needed, pack Mule, sandwich maker and soother of troubled Artists brow. I can honestly say we would not have come so far on our journey without her working in the background, championing Galleries and dealing with all the aspects of the business which gives me the time I need to work which can be all consuming.

It was a long and costly process before we finally settled on our choice of Fine Art Sublimation printing to display my work. We knew that if we wanted to try and take Photography in the Fine Arts world it would have to be in an unconventional format not often used due to the cost compared to printing on paper or canvas. This is how sublimation came about, the search for archival printing that shows off the best of any particular image.

The following is how it is accomplished :

A large high resolution image is printed out onto sublimation transfer paper, it is then placed upon a polymer coated sheet of Aluminium and place in a heat press. The heat and pressure that is applied turns the inks that were on the transfer paper into a gas and infuses them into the special coating. This gives them an archival quality and durability that is unsurpassed.

Since relocating to Qualicum Beach Vancouver Island in October 2013 I have been inspired by the beauty of our surroundings to challenge myself further by branching out into sunset, civil twilight Seascape scenes.